Sunday, December 8, 2013

Last Post of the Semester

I have learned so much about photography this semester. I have always enjoyed taking pictures but never took a lot due to my lack of knowledge. I never realized how much their was to learn about photography and the technology behind it. I have a new found respect for photographers and the knowledge they have to capture amazing images and think in an artistic, abstract way. After this class I feel confident and excited to continue taking pictures and turn this into a hobby and maybe in the future sell a few of my pieces. I have a long way to get to that point but I am excited to see how my photography skills develop over these next few years. Thank you Dave for sharing your knowledge and love for photography with our class!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Final Presentation

In the beginning of the semester my Cannon point and shoot camera died so I began taking pictures with my camera phone. I just recently got a new Nikon D3100 with a 18-55mm VR Lens. Most of my final pictures were taken with that Nikon.
This image was captured with my a Motorola XT907 camera phone.
f/2.4 1/680sec. 4mm

Motorola XT907: f/2.4 1/240sec. 4mm

Motorola XT907: f/5.3 1/1250sec. ISO-100 42mm

Nikon D3100- f/5.3 1/60sec. ISO-100 50mm

Nikon D3100- f/5.3 1/60sec ISO-400 40mm

Nikon D3100- f/5 1/20sec ISO-100 55mm

Nikon D3100- f/5.6 1/20sec ISO-100 40mm

Nikon D3100: f/10 1/160sec. ISO-100 40mm

Nikon D3100- f/10 1/160sec. ISO-100 30mm
Nikon D3100- f/5.3 1/1250sec. ISO-100 42mm
Nikon D3100- f/5.3 1/1250sec. ISO-100 40mm
Nikon D3100- f/9 1/20sec. ISO-100 55mm
Nikon D3100- f/5.6 1/80sec ISO-400 55mm
Nikon D3100- f/5.3 1/60sec. ISO-400 40mm
Nikon D3100- f/5.3 1/60sec ISO-400 40mm
Nikon D3100- f/8 1/60sec. ISO-400 55mm
Nikon D3100- f/7.1 1/60sec. ISO-400 55mm
Nikon D3100- f/5.6 1/125sec. ISO-320 20mm
Nikon D3100- f/5.6 1/100sec. ISO-400 55mm
Nikon D3100- f/5.6 1/100sec. ISO-400 55mm
Nikon D3100- f/5.6 1/60sec. ISO-500 55mm
Nikon D3100- f/8 1/60sec. ISO-400 50mm
Nikon D3100- f/5.6 1/60sec. ISO-400 55m
f/7.1 1/60sec. ISO-400 46mm
Nikon D3100- f/8 1/60sec. ISO-400 45mm
Nikon D3100- f/5.6 1/640sec. ISO-400 55mm
Nikon D3100- f/5.6 1/640sec. ISO-400 55mm
Nikon D3100- f/4 1/1000sec. ISO-400 24mm
Nikon D3100- f/8 1/60sec. ISO-100 48mm
Nikon D3100- f/8 1/60sec. ISO-100 55mm

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Love My New Camera

I love taking random pictures with my new camera. It has so many different settings and I feel the best way to learn about it is to take pictures and see what the different settings do. Because of this class I understand my camera better than I would've before which makes it more enjoyable. Here is an image I took one of the first days with my camera. I chose to share this image because I love the close up and details of the tree branches and how the trees in the background are blurred. I also love how you can see the snowflakes falling. The detail this camera captures is amazing compared to my past cameras.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Nikon D3100

D3100 14.2 Megapixel HD Video DSLR W/AF-S 18-55mm VR Zoom Lens Kit *FREE SHIPPING*
In the beginning of the semester my Cannon point and shoot camera died so I have just been using my cell phone to take pictures. This past weekend I decided it was time to get a nice camera so I decided on a Nikon D3100. I don't know much about this camera so I'm excited to learn more about it and see what all it can do. So far I am loving having it as opposed to taking pictures on my phone. My camera came with a 18-55mm lens and I hope to eventually get another lens for it that will allow me to take photos from a distance.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fall Colors

Fall is my favorite time of the year as the leaves begin to change colors and fall. This season gives a lot of picture opportunities with many vibrant colors that bring the pictures to life. I chose this photo to blog about again because of the colors and fallen leaves on the ground as well as the quality and clarity of the image. I like how you can see the trees into the distance clearly and the way the sunlight shines through the leaves on the trees. Hopefully this season I am able to capture some awesome photos  like this one. 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Denali Range

After looking into the Denali Range for our trip around Alaska project I have found some amazing photos of this beautiful landscape. I never knew much about Alaska before this project but after doing research I now have a goal to go to this range and try to capture some pictures like this one.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Rimrocks

As most may know these are the Rimrocks here in Billings, Mt. This weekend I plan to hike up about mid way and try to capture some sunset photos. On top of these rocks you can capture some amazing pictures of the city as well as some awesome nature photography and maybe even some wildlife photos. Hopefully when I go up this weekend it'll be a clear night and I can get some good photos worth showing for my final presentation or maybe even submit into the student art show.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

In-class Photo Critique

#1: Canon 5D 400mm f/5.6 ISO250 1/2000s Av Priority -1/3EV
The shutter speed allowed the camera to stop the water and fish to capture a clear and detailed picture. I also like how the right back corner of the water is blurred and the angles of the bears head and fish are pointed towards the center, creating a focal point that leads your attention to the middle where it looks clear and crisp.
 #2: Canon 5D 17mm f/22 ISO100 1.6s Av Priority -1/3EV
The first thing that caught my attention with this photo was the obvious vivid color that is captured in this landscape but my attention was then drawn to the river and the smooth look of the water. With the shutter speed used it did not stop the water but instead blurred it together creating a smooth almost glassy type look. The way the yellow leaves line the river really draws your eyes into the center and right side of the photo.
#3: Canon 5DII 17mm f/11 ISO200 1.3s Manual
I like this picture in black and white as I think it draws more attention and makes it more dramatic. I like how the water is blurred giving it an almost whimsical look.
#4: Canon 5DII 85mm f/1.8 10s ISO100 Manual
This picture to me looks photo shopped. I say this because the lighting on the mountains makes it seem like it's day time yet the sky with the stars suggests it is night time. Though I like this picture with the lighting, detail in the mountains, and blurred clouds, I cant help but think the photographer played with this image.
#5: Canon 1DIII 28mm f/13 ISO200 HDR
I really enjoy all the colors in this picture, however I find that there is a lot to look at causing my eyes to be distracted and wonder instead of having a main focus point. My eyes are drawn towards the horizon and the snowy mountains in the background but then the pond and the colors catch my attention. I really like the detail in this photo and how everything seems to be in focus even in the background.
#6: Canon 1DIV 840mm f/5.6 ISO400 1/800
My eyes immediately were drawn to the bright bird, not only because of the color in it but also because the background is blurred, allowing the bird to be the focal point. I like how the photographer also kept the tree branches in focus. The flowers or berries on the branches also add color to the photo as well as helping to draw your attention to the bird by the way the branches are surrounding it.
#7: Canon 7D 500mm f/4.5 ISO1600 1/320
The shutter speed used allowed the camera to stop the water and the bear with the fish in its mouth. I think the photographer upped his shutter speed which affected the clarity of the photo. I believe the bears face is the focal point as he caught the fish, but his face appears to be out of focus. If his face was clear and detailed this picture would be better.
#8: Nikon D4
The color in this photo is amazing! I love the sunset as it draws your eyes toward the focus point which is the moose. I love the detail in this photo and the landscape of the mountains in the background.
#9: Canon 1DII 500mm f/8.0 1/500
This is probably my favorite picture due to the detail in the focal point but blurred background. The shutter speed the photographer used works perfectly in this photo to stop the water and the bird in mid flight. The wings on the bird are very apparent and draw your attentions but then as they are turned in it helps draw your eyes back to the birds face and then further down to his claws and the fish.
#10: Nikon D2x 12mm f/6.3 ISO200 1/400
The polar bear in the center of the picture draws my eyes in but the background serves as a distraction. If the photo were cropped to just highlight the main bear and surrounding ice water I think the picture would be more striking. This photo is also very light and bright, if the background was darkened it might not be as distracting.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Challenging Myself

After learning more about both landscape pictures as well as wildlife photos, it seems that landscape pictures are easier to capture than a moving animal might be. I personally have taken many landscape pictures but have never really gotten a chance to take any wildlife photography. During this course I am challenging myself to get at least a few decent pictures of some moving wildlife, as I think those pictures are always the best (when taken properly).

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Northern Lights

Northern lights as seen near Cynthia, Alberta in Canada.
Something on my bucket list that I hope to accomplish soon is to see the Northern lights. In doing some research on them I found that the best place to see them is in Canada in the winter time. I hope one day to tour and sight see through Canada, taking pictures all the way up, ending up in this spot to capture some amazing photos like this one. I love all the colors in the sky and how the trees below are blacked out, making the color pop out even more.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Example of Back Light

I took this picture with my phone around 7:45pm just as the sun was going down behind the ridge. I was about half way up the rimrocks when I took this shot with the hopes of getting a clear view as well as the cliff off to the side. I love the color of the sky and the contrast and exposer of this scene. I thought this was also a great example of a photo taken with back light and how it blackened (or darkened) the mountains that were right in front of me. The only editing I did to this photo was cropping and adjusting the exposer one notch darker, the rest is exactly how my camera captured it.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Star Trails

Before this class I did not know it was possible to capture star trails, I always thought it was a cool, blurred image of rain. After being introduced to it in class I became fasinated with star trails and began looking up some images and am now determined to capture some pictures of them myself. This photo was taken by Jack Fusco who said these "...trails show the Milky Way rising over the Atlantic Ocean" on a New Jersey beach. I chose this picture because I liked the lighting in it as well as the colors behind the star trails. I also love how the image is over a beach and the fence is lining the edges, angled in and directing your eyes to the focus point of the picture.

Thursday, August 29, 2013


Being from the Seattle, Washington area, I decided to stick close to home for my first post and share just how beautiful the area can be.
This photo was taken by the famous Art Wolfe who was born and raised in Seattle. In my eyes, he is a great photographer and has taken some of the most beautiful pictures of the Northwestern State I've seen. I chose to share this picture for many reasons, the first being that it does a great job of showing what the northwest looks like (when it's not raining that is!). This picture captures three great things that the area is known for; beautiful lakes, tall evergreens, and of course Mt. Rainier. I also chose this because of the lighting and visual effects it has; such as the reflection in the water as well as how the trees are lining the mountain, giving the picture a focal point and helping to direct your eyes there.
Though I don't nearly have the same experiences or knowledge that Art has, I hope, with help from this class, I might be able to go back home and take amazing photos like this.