Thursday, August 29, 2013


Being from the Seattle, Washington area, I decided to stick close to home for my first post and share just how beautiful the area can be.
This photo was taken by the famous Art Wolfe who was born and raised in Seattle. In my eyes, he is a great photographer and has taken some of the most beautiful pictures of the Northwestern State I've seen. I chose to share this picture for many reasons, the first being that it does a great job of showing what the northwest looks like (when it's not raining that is!). This picture captures three great things that the area is known for; beautiful lakes, tall evergreens, and of course Mt. Rainier. I also chose this because of the lighting and visual effects it has; such as the reflection in the water as well as how the trees are lining the mountain, giving the picture a focal point and helping to direct your eyes there.
Though I don't nearly have the same experiences or knowledge that Art has, I hope, with help from this class, I might be able to go back home and take amazing photos like this.