Thursday, September 26, 2013

Challenging Myself

After learning more about both landscape pictures as well as wildlife photos, it seems that landscape pictures are easier to capture than a moving animal might be. I personally have taken many landscape pictures but have never really gotten a chance to take any wildlife photography. During this course I am challenging myself to get at least a few decent pictures of some moving wildlife, as I think those pictures are always the best (when taken properly).

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Northern Lights

Northern lights as seen near Cynthia, Alberta in Canada.
Something on my bucket list that I hope to accomplish soon is to see the Northern lights. In doing some research on them I found that the best place to see them is in Canada in the winter time. I hope one day to tour and sight see through Canada, taking pictures all the way up, ending up in this spot to capture some amazing photos like this one. I love all the colors in the sky and how the trees below are blacked out, making the color pop out even more.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Example of Back Light

I took this picture with my phone around 7:45pm just as the sun was going down behind the ridge. I was about half way up the rimrocks when I took this shot with the hopes of getting a clear view as well as the cliff off to the side. I love the color of the sky and the contrast and exposer of this scene. I thought this was also a great example of a photo taken with back light and how it blackened (or darkened) the mountains that were right in front of me. The only editing I did to this photo was cropping and adjusting the exposer one notch darker, the rest is exactly how my camera captured it.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Star Trails

Before this class I did not know it was possible to capture star trails, I always thought it was a cool, blurred image of rain. After being introduced to it in class I became fasinated with star trails and began looking up some images and am now determined to capture some pictures of them myself. This photo was taken by Jack Fusco who said these "...trails show the Milky Way rising over the Atlantic Ocean" on a New Jersey beach. I chose this picture because I liked the lighting in it as well as the colors behind the star trails. I also love how the image is over a beach and the fence is lining the edges, angled in and directing your eyes to the focus point of the picture.